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Short Courses

We pride ourselves on delivering quality hairdressing skills to our young hairdressers and want to offer ongoing training/up- skilling to stylists of all levels in the industry. With our industry based courses we will be striving to up-skill stylists in salons that may not be subjected to specific areas of skill that other salons have, we make it our business to improve the level of hair- dressers throughout our region. Take up our offer to retrain... Up-skill…. learn basic skills from scratch and/or progress to another level. Helps us to help you improve your skills. We have the technology you provide the time. Join us in an exciting future in Hairdressing.

We offer these Short Courses to the Industry for block learning.

Classic 1 - The four basic hair cuts, uniform layer, increase layer, solid form & graduation

Classic 2 - Razor, Clipper & Designer cuts

Framing - Foiling (professional consultation, terminology, sectioning, weaving, mixation & timing)

Long Hair Workshop - Backcombing, easy pony tail,  pinning, 6 Braids, 6 easy Up do's & acessories on trend  

Our intention for these workshop is for the learner/student/apprentice to be able to successfully complete the skills taught in the class in a commercially viable time frame. The learner/student/apprentice will then need to go back to the salon and practise to gain more experience in the services taught.

If your have a specific requirement for up-skilling your staff, we are very keen to customise a course specifically for you.